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New Homes and Additions

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Outgrowing your house? An addition or renovation can be a great way to get all the space you need while remaining in the home and neighbourhood you love. Add valuable space for changing family needs, or updates for more modern benefits. We're happy to help you look at the space you have and determine the best change for you and your home.

There's no question - investing in the value of your home is generally regarded as a smart investment and it produces very fulfilling results too. We can help guide you on the changes that are most likely to improve house values and those that will make certain enhancements to your quality of life.


Increase your living space and you'll increase the enjoyment of your entire home. An addition tends to make everyone feel like they have a little more space, even if it's because one person gets their own private room. And with a bigger house footprint and architectural presence, you'll see a significant improvement to the overall look of the home too.

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