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Adding value to your toronto home through bathroom remodeling

Whether you;re updating an out-of-date bathroom for your family or selling a house Above Standard Renovations is a sure way to add elegance and value to your home. The bathrooms in a house can be the determining factor of whether or not a house sells. A bathroom remodel project can be expensive so buyers generally are looking for bathrooms that already meet their expectations.

An easy way to add value to your house is to convert half bathrooms into full baths or three quarter bathrooms. This can be easily done by installing a small shower enclosure unit or steam shower. Neo-angle showers and corner units are a great way to save space in a small bathroom while adding that futuristic look you've always been looking for. These units are inexpensive and add elegance and function to your bathroom with features such as a steam generator, back massage, foot massage, sound system and much more. Homes with steam shower units installed have been reported to sell in half the time as normal houses.

Another quick way to add value to an already existing shower that still looks good but is a little out of date is installing a modern shower panel. These shower panels transform typical showers into luxury showers. They come in a variety of styles and have options such as digital temperature display and adjustable massage jets. These shower panels are very economical ranging from $300 - $600 and can drastically increase the value of your property.

Master bathrooms are the most important bathroom in the house. This should be the nicest bathroom in the house. Modern master baths are more like home spas with the addition of massage bathtubs and steam showers. Remodeling your master bathroom is a sure way to increase the attractiveness and value of your home. When planning your master bathroom renovations keep in mind buyers are looking for a large shower with a built-in or external bathtub. Large 2 person steam baths are an economical way to fill this demand. They also have many extra features that really grab buyer's attention. Updating your old bathroom fixtures is another way to increase the appeal of your bathroom. When planning your renovation decide what type of theme you are going with. There are many bathroom vanities that come in many styles and materials ranging from glass to exotic woods. It is important to match your vanity with the rest of the bathroom fixtures, for example you wouldn't want to have and old fashion marble vanity with a modern computerized steam shower. has old fashion fixtures with modern day features, such as claw foot jacuzzis.

Flooring is another very important part of Bathroom Remodeling in Toronto. There are many choices such as linoleum, tile, and hardwood floors. Tile is a favorite among buyers. It ranges in price from $1 per square foot up to $20+ per square foot. Linoleum is another option and is much cheaper; however it isn't as durable and isn't as impressive. Depending on what bathroom fixtures you have installed you should match the floor. If you have installed an economical acrylic steam shower you can get away with installing a cheaper linoleum floor and it will look great. However if you have choose a high end glass shower we recommend tile or hardwood floor with a protective covering. This adds visual appeal and durability to the bathroom.

What is the most relaxing place in your Toronto home? Many people agree that it's the bathtub. The current trend in remodeling reflects this. Bathtubs in new homes in Toronto today focus on luxury. When you want a custom remodeling service like this, call Above Standard Renovations at 416 704 9238

If you are looking for a Remodeling Contractor in the Toronto area, please call Above Standard Renovations at 416 704 9238

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